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mp3: Brother Blyss: “Still Don’t Seem to Care”
By Nancy Hoang | March 25, 2014 | Posted Under: New Tracks, Track Reviews  

This past February saw LA’s Brother Blyss playing their first ever live performance and one short month later, us new music junkies have been graced with the band’s debut single, “Still Don’t Seem to Care”. Premiered on the Vinyl District, the track initially comes off as a myriad of conflicting moods. In congruence with TVD — not to be mistaken with The Vampire Diaries — the single’s lush harmonies bring forth a psychedelic tone to the forefront of a listener’s ear lobes.

With such an ambiance, flower power and world peace come to mind only to be shut down by the understated haunting inflection of the song. As the track builds up tension, the song’s flower-powered exterior is quickly shattered and soon becomes the sad tale of a recluse whom as the song title suggests, still doesn’t seem to care. This initially exuberant single is quick to show that’s its darker than it seems, cheekily ending abruptly on the words “no one”. As the overused saying goes, “Still Don’t Seem to Care” had more to it than at first listen. But what we as music lovers should be paying attention to rather is the fact that as a debut single, Brother Blyss have shown us that they’ve got a lot more songs for us to unravel as they continue to work on their debut EP.

Brother Blyss is Garrett Zeile, McCoy Kirgo, Waylon Rector, Bryan De Leon, Andrew Wells.


Video: Julian Casablancas + The Voidz: “Instant Crush” Cover
By Nancy Hoang | March 16, 2014 | Posted Under: Videos  

While my unwavering love for Julian Casablancas shouldn’t be the reason “Instant Crush” was amongst my favorites off of Daft Punk’s 2013 summer smash album, Random Access Memories, it totally was. I admit it. I love him. I do and I stand by my ridiculous claims of affection to a man who can somehow perform in the summer heat whilst wearing leather jackets. (Here’s looking at you Bonnaroo 2011.) And last night, the coolest man ever & the apple of my eye (kidding, but not really) covered the Daft Punk collaboration with his new backing band, The Voidz, at SXSW’s The Fader Fort. The two French robots unfortunately did not come out to Austin as surprise guests for this performance but Julian + The Voidz did a pretty bang-up job sans robots.


Photos: Ellie Goulding @ Theater at Madison Square Garden (3/13)
By Emily Korn | March 15, 2014 | Posted Under: Photos  

 Photography by Emily Korn

LA based singer Conway by way of Brooklyn & St. Louis native opened for smash megastar Ellie Goulding Thursday night at the Theater at Madison Square Garden to an entirely sold-out venue. Performing tracks from her Big Talk EP effectively riled up the thousands of concert-goers with her festive brand of spell-binding pop music. Her black and white space onesie donned in stardusts and half moons was an appropriate choice considering her ethereal singing voice’s ability to create an out-of-this-world atmosphere amongst those lucky enough to watch her mesmerizing show.

Headliner Ellie Goulding would go on next and would no doubt for the entirety of her set, create the ultimate dance fest in MSG. Stopping in New York, Goulding would naturally be spending her time speeding in and out of press junkets. And it would be expected that the English songstress would be exhausted at this point. That however was nowhere to be seen on her person during her MSG performance. The singer was relentless throughout her show, and that is exactly what Thursday night was: a show. Ellie Goulding certainly knows how to perform and entertain a crowd. Check out our photos of the show below for further proof.

Connect with Ellie:

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Video: Ingrid Michaelson: “Girls Chase Boys”
By Nancy Hoang | February 13, 2014 | Posted Under: Videos  

Ingrid Michaelson’s newest single “Girls Chase Boys” comes from her upcoming fifth studio album, Lights Out, and it’s already become an empowering anthem against stereotypical gender roles. The music video pays homage to Robert Palmer’s, “Simply Irresistible,” utilizing male back up dancers that are donned in pink attire, bringing forth the song’s idea that both males and females chase each other in the search for love, while simultaneously breaking the pigeonhole of classic female back up dancers. The infectious pop song was bound to be a smash but combined with this cheeky music video, it’s become revolutionary towards changing society’s antiquated views towards sexuality. Lights Out will be released on April 15th via Cabin 24 & Mom+Pop Records.


Video: Bastille: “Oblivion”
By Nancy Hoang | February 9, 2014 | Posted Under: Videos  

I was really banking on another snow day but now that the “30 inch” forecasts have turned into 1-2 inches in New York City, this giant let down has just made me procrastinate even more. Mother nature, why must you toy with my emotions? You sit on a throne of lies Mother Nature. Resentment aside, let me try to get you all to procrastinate as well with this video of Bastille performing “Oblivion” live. It’s rather beautiful.

Bastille is Dan Smith, Chris Wood, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson.


Concert Review: Aer @ Irving Plaza (2/7)
By Nancy Hoang | February 8, 2014 | Posted Under: Concert Reviews, Photos  

“Once rap-rock duo Aer took to the stage, the crowd was ready for these show-stoppers thanks to a set warm up from DJ Smiles. Running around the stage, climbing over the barricades, and endless dancing were all included in the first five minutes of their performance. This performance wouldn’t be just a sprint, Aer had prepared for a marathon. With these two guys onstage, audience members had to be diligent to keep up with these two. From the energies of their tracks alone, then combined with the energies of this duo during a live performance, it was exhausting trying to keep up. “Floats My Boat” and “Feel I Bring” were two of the many crowd favorites, with the latter closing out the show to massive applause.”

Read the rest of the review on CMJ: http://cmj.com/live/aer-new-beat-fund-rdgldgrn-irving-plaza-february-7-2014/

Aer is David von Mering and Carter Schultz.


Concert Review: New Beat Fund @ Irving Plaza (2/7)
By Nancy Hoang | February 8, 2014 | Posted Under: Concert Reviews, Photos  

“California’s New Beat Fund opened their set with crowd pleaser “Get Up,” which would ultimately manifest in the crowd’s actions with nearly everyone jumping along with the band’s synchronized dancing. While their set seemed oh too short, their energy onstage was able to make up for the lack of stage time. Their equipment donned in neon duct tape galore, the vibrant stage decor mirrored their fervor while performing. Closing out their half hour set with “Scare Me,” the band’s mascot Ghosty came onstage to play with the band. Who knew ghosts wore Vans?”

Read the rest of the review on CMJ: http://cmj.com/live/aer-new-beat-fund-rdgldgrn-irving-plaza-february-7-2014/

New Beat Fund is Jeff Laliberte (SNaPz), Shelby Archer (BuTToN), Michael Johnson (SiLkY), Paul Laliberte (BuRNiE).