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MiC LOWRY: “Supermodels” ft. Wiley
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“She ain’t scared to eat her dinner”I appreciate hip hop but I don’t put in the effort to listen to it very much. I’m more interested in the culture and history of hip hop than I am with the music, … Read More

Tori Kelly: “Beautiful Things”
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My adoration and love for Tori Kelly burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. Whether it’s a Miranda Sings collaboration YouTube video or a duet with Ariana Grande, I am a fan of anything that Tori does. … Read More

New Politics: “Stardust”
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New Politics’ latest album, Vikings, just came out and I haven’t yet formulated an opinion on it. I haven’t given it much of a listen to fully assess my thoughts but so far, “Stardust” is my early favorite. It’s absolutely … Read More

Young Guns @ The Paramount 08/15/2015
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The excitement continued throughout the band’s final song, “Bones,” but something tells me Young Guns could have kept playing for hours to indefinite amounts of enthusiasm and excitement.

Summer of Change
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Insert some cheesy saying about how change is good for the soul, because chances are likely that it is.

Action Bronson @ The Paramount 06/26/2015
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There was a sense of community in the Paramount last night. Considering the venue is located in Huntington, Long Island, it wasn’t a stretch to hear both Queens rappers, Meyhem Lauren and Action Bronson, say that, “We’re neighbors” or “Technically, I’m from Long Island,” because technically speaking, they are.

MiC LOWRY: “Tuxedo”
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It’s amazing what this R&B group is able to create with their impeccable singing voices and with a label’s backing, I’m even more excited for the band’s future endeavors.

May 2015 Playlist
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In an attempt to procrastinate further, I made this playlist which is perfect background noise for a study session. Think of it as your Rocky pump up song but more alternative.

Echosmith: “Bright”
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With every great song that Echosmith continues to release, I am constantly haunted by the regret of not having gone to watch the band perform despite having two opportunities to do so.

Taylor Berrett: “Broken”
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This song is the exemplar of Berrett’s grandiose lyricism and it has the ability to really resonate in you as a listener. It exhibits a powerful and emotive quality to it that is reminiscent of James Morrison’s work.

PVRIS: “Holy” Empty Room Session
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I do but I don’t feel bad for the ambient noise that my classmates can hear coming out of my headphones because it’s PVRIS that’s playing and they deserve to be heard by everyone.