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DIY Jewelry Dishes
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I saw this DIY Tabby Cat Ring Holder while scrolling through Pinterest one night and fell in love. The next day, I found myself at Michaels buying safari animal toys and spray painting terra cotta plates outside in the freezing cold. The … Read More

DIY Composition Notebooks
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It’s the start of a new semester! You know what that means! Neeeewwww school supplies! Wahooooo. Composition notebooks have always been my notebook of choice in college, partly because they’re super affordable but mostly because they’re so easy to decorate. This … Read More

December Baking
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I listened to both of Ariana Grande’s Christmas albums, Christmas Kisses and Christmas & Chill, as I worked on this blog post and now I’m ready for the Christmas season to start all over again. With the presidential inauguration coming soon, I’m sure … Read More

Pretzel & Caramel Drizzled Snickerdoodles
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Whenever we go to Panera Bread, my boyfriend and I always get two cookies. He gets chocolate chip and I always go for a snickerdoodle because they’re my favorite comfort cookie. The little kids in my family are the only … Read More

DIY Christmas Ornaments
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I stocked up on tons of crafting supplies at Michaels on Black Friday so the doodies and I have been making ornaments for weeks. I scoured Pinterest for cute Christmas DIY projects and saw some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments … Read More

Ariana Grande: “Snow In California”
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Whenever I want to get into the Christmas mood, I listen to “Snow In California” from Ariana Grande’s masterpiece Christmas Kisses EP. Well actually, if I’m looking to be in a good mood in general, I’ll listen to this song. … Read More

Succulent Structure
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As winter approaches, I induce a state of dormancy on my succulents by lowering the amount of water they receive. During the growing season, I’ll water my plants every two weeks but from November to February, that reduces to just … Read More

November Baking
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To be quite honest, I don’t remember much of what happened to me in November. See, this is why I started writing To Do Lists and recapping my daily activities in journals again. The days end up blurring together and … Read More

All the Nature
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If I didn’t have a paralyzing fear of butterflies and wasn’t easily startled, I could see myself being so happy working in a greenhouse environment. I had a wonderful time walking the grounds of the Planting Fields Arboretum but it … Read More

October Baking
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As I write this blog post in the last few hours of October, after a day of attending classes in zombie makeup, I am overcome with both exhaustion and amazement at what I’ve done over the past month. October was … Read More

Homegrown Harvests
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Here are some snapshots I got of our garden before it finished for the season. These are the last of our chili peppers, tomatoes, and our winter melon set up.

September Baking
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When reminiscing back on September, I remember it going by very slowly and being especially hard on me emotionally. It felt as though I was simply trudging through the weeks and waiting for each one to end. The warm weather … Read More