A Classy Day with a Classy Girl

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My friend Sam and I first met in literature courses at school and it was through a torturous semester of British literature that we became closer friends. This past week, as we were not paying attention in yet another lit course, we were sharing photos of NYC bookstores back and forth in class and planned an impromptu trip to visit bookstores around Manhattan. We also included a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art since it was in close proximity to Albertine, one of our bookstore destinations.

We described the day as very classy since it involved visiting museums and bookstores and looking back on it, it was classy without the pretentiousness. We dilly dallied around the Met, sitting in the Temple of Dendur for a bit to chat and then awed at the Tiffany stained glass in other sections of the museum. We'd walk around the exhibits and Sam would tell me facts about each and I would make inappropriate jokes. We balanced each other out.

After visiting Albertine, Strand (three times, in fact), and the Union Square Greenmarket, we had a wonderful meal at Max Brenner in Union Square that concluded with chocolate fondue. It's without shame that I say pants were definitely unbuttoned during that meal. Before we had our classy date, Sam told me she felt that "our friendship just hit a new level" and now that we have had our classy date, our friendship definitely did.

Check out photos of our day below. Shout out to Sam for her impeccable patience in regards to all my photo taking. (She even met Debbie, my dSLR!)

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