A House For Lions: “(You Don’t Wanna) Wait For Me”

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“(You Don’t Wanna) Wait For Me” seems so simple and carefree but its complexities are so clearly evident. There’s something beautiful about that. The ability to take the complex and showcase it in an angelic and effortless way. A House For Lions does exactly that. They combine elements of 90s alternative, folk, and country to create a rock genre love child. Their raw sound captivates listeners as Daniel Norman croons simultaneously simple and smart lyrics along with the band’s cohesive and swaying instrumentals. What sounds like alternative rock also sounds like the grandchild of a bluegrass rocker. The country twang meshes well with the sound A House For Lions creates, and creates radiantly. I can’t stop listening and you won’t be able to either.

A House for Lions is Daniel Norman, Mike Nissen, Eric McCann, Joe Luisi.

Tour Dates:
04/04/13 – San Diego, CA @ The Griffin


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