About Hopeless Thunder

The goal of this website has always been to bring light to the truly talented. The way we see it, everyone is constantly on the search for the next big thing, only to move on to the next shiny toy that captures their fleeting attention. At Hopeless Thunder, we believe that these hype worthy artists are always abundant in supply. They're there if you're willing to shine the light on them and we're here with our stage lights ready.

On this website, the music is the star but so is honesty. We want our readers to know that we're writing what we truly feel. There is no copy & pasted press release bullshit that you see on every other publication because honestly, we're sick of reading that fluff. We want to showcase the best that music has to offer but we're also interested in creating a narrative. Our goals may seem simple but it's so much more than that.

My venture into the world of web and graphic design started in middle school. I created web pages for fun, coding from scratch in Notepad, and designing my own layouts in Paint Shop Pro. As I grew older and matured, so did my tastes for aesthetics and design. I decided to move my blog away from graphic design and instead focus on what I currently enjoy: writing about music.
Growing up, my musical interests had always been different from my peers. I was entranced by alternative music while my friends were more focused on the newest Lil Wayne track or Never Shout Never music video. I wasn't exposed to this type of music unless I was in a friend's car and even then, I couldn't stop myself from asking who the musician was, more so out of curiosity than genuine interest, which irritated my friends to no end. Everyone tended to follow of the normcore of listening to Top 40 (suburban life, amirite?) so as a result of that musical bubble, Hopeless Thunder became an outlet for me to express my musical interests and thoughts with an online community open to different genres of music.
Presently, what I enjoy doing is writing about new musical findings that bring me auditory pleasure. In no way am I a music expert but I know what I enjoy and that’s really the simple formula behind this entire website: posting songs and albums that I like. But who’s to say that my opinions on music are right? Who am I to judge the value of someone else’s work? It would be as if I created a perfectly diluted solution of copper (II) nitrate and then someone were to tell me that it was the wrong concentration – effectively crushing my soul. Whether or not someone chooses to agree with my opinions on music is their freedom to do so. You don’t have to agree with me and I’m fine with that. But if you do, well you’re just excellent. So I’ll just keep on writing about what I enjoy, hoping that someone else enjoys it as well.

About Nancy Hoang

Hello! I’m Nancy. I like concert photography and giving my opinions. I also enjoy baking, writing, and chemistry. French fries are also a passion of mine, but we’ll dive into that another day. (Seriously though, where can I dive into a pool of fries?) I was lucky enough to have inspiring English teachers and professors, whose guidance and support were crucial to my interest in writing. And this blog serves that interest by allowing me to ramble about whatever may be piquing my interest on any given day that I’m sat at my computer (which is all the time). I'd like to say that I engage in a myriad of interesting hobbies when I'm not blogging but I tend to either be catching up on my YouTube subscription feed or looking at photos of food on Instagram. Yeah, I'm pretty #basic.

View more of my creative work here: hopelessthunder.org/portfolio