Action Bronson @ The Paramount 06/26/2015

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There was a sense of community in the Paramount last night. Considering the venue is located in Huntington, Long Island, it wasn’t a stretch to hear both Queens rappers, Meyhem Lauren and Action Bronson, say that, “We’re neighbors” or “Technically, I’m from Long Island,” because technically speaking, they are. And they performed to an audience that welcomed them with open arms. When Meyhem Lauren stepped onstage, the crowd shifted a bit closer together, waving their arms to the beat and cheering him on. As he walked across the stage during his performance, eyes followed Meyhem diligently and they did just the same for Action Bronson.

“Yo I said is it okay if I stand up here and talk about my Queens shit?”

The audience was especially receptive to “Actin Crazy” from Bronson’s major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, as I could hear many concert go-ers in the front row reciting the lyrics along with Bronson. But as receptive as the crowd was to Action Bronson’s newer music, they were even more so to his older material. “Shiraz” was one of the tracks that garnered this special attentiveness and understandably so as AB noted, “This is one of the rap songs that started my rap career.”

“Larry Csonka,” “Through The Eyes of a G,” and “Baby Blue” proved to be set highlights but the real stunner of the night was when Action Bronson stepped off stage. He made his way over to the bar on the right side of the venue and promptly climbed on top, all the while spitting lyrics without missing a beat. However it wasn’t his ability to continue performing amongst this craziness that was impressive, but his ability to do so without hitting his head on a hanging light. He then made his way upstairs to the upper level of the theater and fans rushed to his side, snapping selfies and videos as he did this thing. His final visit was to the left side balcony and fans adoringly surrounded him, reciting lyrics besides Bronson, with this scene projected to the rest of the venue for all to see.

“You got a fat one rolled up? Hit that. You got a beer? Hit that.” When Action Bronson finally made his way back to the stage, he told the crowd, “You got a fat one rolled up? Hit that. You got a beer? Hit that,” and after doing so, he went straight into “Easy Rider.” As the track neared its end, Bronson bent down centerstage and the lights shined on the audience. He stayed put for a moment, looking out, taking in the venue, and it all felt so serene and peaceful watching him, watch us. With the sounds of a motorcycle playing in the background, Bronson stood up and walked off stage. He then returned with two giant duffel bags full of merch and threw them out into the audience to share. As the night ended on “Contemporary Man,” Action Bronson closed the performance saying, “Long Island, I love you.”


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