Aer @ Irving Plaza 02/07/2014

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“Once rap-rock duo Aer took to the stage, the crowd was ready for these show-stoppers thanks to a set warm up from DJ Smiles. Running around the stage, climbing over the barricades, and endless dancing were all included in the first five minutes of their performance. This performance wouldn’t be just a sprint, Aer had prepared for a marathon. With these two guys onstage, audience members had to be diligent to keep up with these two. From the energies of their tracks alone, then combined with the energies of this duo during a live performance, it was exhausting trying to keep up. “Floats My Boat” and “Feel I Bring” were two of the many crowd favorites, with the latter closing out the show to massive applause.”

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Aer is David von Mering and Carter Schultz.


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