1,2,3: New Heaven Album Review

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Photo Credit: Kyle Dean Reinford

Words could not express the sorrow I felt when I could not attend 1,2,3’s show at the Brooklyn Bowl this past Wednesday because the venue was 21 and over. This completely surpassed my past feeling of aggravation towards 1,2,3 for the impossible task of searching their name in any search engine as results consisted of children’s songs. I desperately wanted to hear New Heaven performed live but since that was out of the question, what did I do? I tweeted my feelings.

And it was 1,2,3’s response to my lamenting that made my love for their raw vocals and infectious chorus’ grow larger. I don’t know which member of the band replied to my melancholy but their solution was simple, “fake ID!” If I were not going to college on a pretty nice scholarship, I would have been front and center at their show.

Enough about my impeccably large brain though, 1,2,3 and their ability to make me use three commas in one sentence is the true subject matter. That and their LP New Heaven that came out early last year. Since, it’s been played numerous times and each time I feel like it’s the first time I was hearing the record. Duo Nic Snyder (vox, guitar & keys) and Josh Sickels (drums) make alternative takes on ballads work so well. Nick Snyder is able to reach notes so high it has me questioning whether the lead singer is really a woman. (I could have searched to find out but that would only garner a result page of lullabies)

Nevertheless, 1,2,3 have made a wonderful LP that deserves your full attention. Mix that with their helpful suggestion of using a fake ID to get into a venue, you can’t help but fall in love with 1,2,3. “Scared But Not That Scared” is among my favorites on New Heaven. Scratch that, there were no favorites because each song was a gem. Picking one to display was hard but one cannot deny the magnetic pull of this track.

I couldn’t make it out to their show but do yourself a favor and see these guys live. If I could bet anything, it’d be that 1,2,3 can play a killer live set.

Spring 2012 Tour Dates
04/24 – Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
04/25 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY
05/07 – Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
05/09 – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
05/10 – Albert’s on The Alley – Detroit, MI
05/11 – The Basement – Columbus, OH
05/14 – Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
05/15 – Slims – Raleigh, NC
05/16 – 529 – Atlanta, GA
05/17 – Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
07/14 – Bunbury Fest – Cincinnati, OH



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