A Bear: Our Skin is War Album Review

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Artist: A Bear
Album: Our Skin is War
Record Label: Independent
Release Date: May 2012
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Track Listing:
01. Dead Lessons
02. They Won’t Let You
03. Pretty Traps
04. Who Will Use You Next
05. Our Beds
06. We Are Losing
07. Our Skin is War

A Bear’s Our Skin is War opens up on a high note. “Dead Lessons” is insanely melodic, its vocals are airy and delightful, while the instrumentation is absolutely magnificent. If this song was released with no lyrics at all, it would still be just as good. Luckily for our listening pleasure, it did have lyrics and those lyrics were story telling pros. “Dead Lessons” quickly becomes an album favorite despite its almost six minute run. A six minute run that is pure ear pleasuring enjoyment.

“It feels shorter and sweeter now that you’re gone”

A Bear need to get themselves to SXSW or the Tribeca Film Festival to introduce themselves to directors. I’m telling you, this band could successfully score a film. A nice indie film would be perfect. Their alternative/experimental/pop sound would be perfect for a movie score. They have the ability to build drama in a matter of seconds with their instrumentation alone. Now imagine what they could do if lyrics were involved. “They Won’t Let You” is just that and continues to power through with the killer instrumentals. A Bear’s dreamy sound is simply alluring.

All throughout Our Skin is War, the soft vocals and melodies pull you in. “Pretty Traps” is a trap in itself. It’s seductive and baits listeners in. It has more of an alternative sound compared to the two previous songs but continues with A Bear’s dreamy essence. Title track “Our Skin is War” is a foot tapper. Its beat is catchy and topped with mystifying vocals. The vocals all throughout Our Skin is War have a light and soft quality about them. This type of vocals make people think that type of music is boring. However with the final track “Our Skin is War,” that never happens. This track makes your heart race and ends the album on the same high note that it started on.

A Bear is Matt Molchany, Lee Romich, Erik Santana, April Smith.


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