Duncan Silvey: Growth EP Album Review

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Artist: Duncan Silvey
Album: Growth EP
Record Label: Independent
Release Date: July 06, 2012
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Track Listing:
01. The Boat Is Waiting
02. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
03. Wait Up
04. Growth

The Growth EP opens beautifully with a piano driven introduction and whisper sounding speech on “The Boat is Waiting.” When Duncan Silvey begins to sing, he’s almost angelic. His voice takes on a bigger than life persona. The sound on this track is so grand and powerful. The piano is simply stunning and consistent all throughout the entire track. Interjected in the song are pieces of the same speech heard in the beginning, giving “The Boat is Waiting” a textured and layered feeling. The same track has already received praise from BBC Introducing which is of no surprise. It’s a spacey, out of this world single with beautiful instrumentation. “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” is just as good as the first track, perhaps better. The instrumentals continue to stay strong as the EP progresses. The song has so many layers going on at any given time. Its sound is overwhelming and completely takes over the listener. It’s catchy and beautiful.

The latter half of the Growth EP falls short when compared to “The Boat is Waiting” and “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.” “Wait Up” does not have the same finesse as its predecessors. The vocals while holding the same airy quality as heard in the beginning of the EP sound muddled and unclear. “Growth” makes up for the disappointing third track as it is a divine ending to the Growth EP.

The Growth EP can be downloaded for free here: http://soundcloud.com/duncansilvey

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