Hands Like Houses: Unimagine Album Review

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01. Developments
02. Introduced Species
03. Weight
04. Shapeshifters
05. The House You Built
06. A Tale Of Outer Suburbia
07. Oceandust
08. No Parallels
09. Fountainhead
10. Wisteria
11. A Fire On A Hill
This isn’t so much a proper album review but more of a post telling you that buying Unimagine by Hands Like Houses will be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made. The progression from 2012’s Ground Dweller to this year’s Unimagine is simply amazing. Not in the sense that Ground Dweller isn’t a good album—it’s great—but rather this time around, HLH have become much more focused in their sound. The thematic qualities of the new album are obvious but in their overall sound, HLH have sort have stepped back to reexamine things. There are moments of stillness heard throughout Unimagine where the band lets the moment speak for itself, pulling the intensity back, and lets the song really resonate in the listener. Vocalist Trenton Woodley told us this a few weeks ago but it was something else completely to hear it for myself.

“I’m fearless and I’m free,
With the open road and the world beneath my feet.”

Unimagine is a spectacular listen and one that I spend listening to in full during almost every train ride. There’s really no other album that I’m listening to as much as this Unimagine because with each listen, it never gets old. Each song is absolutely killer and the lyricism throughout Unimagine is everything you’d expect from Hands Like Houses. With this new album, they’ve truly progressed as musicians, finding clarity in their sound, and following up their stellar debut LP with one to remind fans why they fell in love with Hands Like Houses in the first place.

Hands Like Houses is Trenton Woodley, Matt Cooper, Joel Tyrrell, Alex Pearson, Matt Parkitny, Jamal Sabet.


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