Jeromy Darling: A Year of Living Album Review

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Artist: Jeromy Darling
Album: A Year of Living
Record Label: Jack’s Music Lab
Release Date: 2012
Our Rating:

Track Listing:
01. Conqueror
02. Ferris Wheel
03. You’re My Demon
04. Make Me

Let me start off with the fact that this album review is rated at four and a half stars. Jeromy Darling lost half a star for not realizing that I was serious when I say I want exclamation points everywhere in music submissions. That being said, I really couldn’t find much wrong with A Year of Living. That also being said, I really didn’t try hard to find anything wrong with the album. Jeromy Darling does the singer songwriter/indie folk vibe well. The lyrics all throughout the album are vivid and clearly depict a story being told. You can feel the emotion in his tender voice, especially with the mood setting instrumentals backing it up. If you’re into artists like Alexi Murdoch, Andrew Belle, Bright Eyes, then Jeromy Darling is you. He’s a more laid back version than the aforementioned artists. Less production, more raw. A Year of Living is a good time, give it a listen.

By the way, Jeromy Darling is from Minneapolis and I freaking love Minnesota. Nice state choice.

“I don’t have any rock star aspirations but if I can help provide for my family through music, I’d be pretty happy.”


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