Late Cambrian: Peach Album Review

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Artist: Late Cambrian
Album: Peach
Record Label: Late Cambrian
Release Date: 04/30/2013
Our Rating:
Pre-Order: Bandcamp
Track Listing:
01. Lover’s Point
02. The Label Needed a Single
03. The Year I Cut The Cable
04. The Wolf
05. Patience on a Monument
06. Made For Love
07. Ryan Gosling
08. Poetry
09. Resolution
10. Recipe
11. Flowers From Anonymous
12. Hypgnotica/Afternoon Special
13. The Luddite

Upon first listen, it’s painfully obvious that any previous or future comparisons anyone might make to Weezer about Late Cambrian will be erroneous. Why is this, you may ask? Because their newest album, Peach, makes it painfully obvious that Late Cambrian have a distinct musical style of their own. The album is incredibly exciting and opens rightly so with a melody defying, high impact song. “Lover’s Point” warmly greets listeners with a memorable chorus and an even more memorable vocal delivery from Wlaysewki. This track not only highlights his growth since we last heard “Ryan Gosling” but also the creative style of the band as a whole. The entire arrangement of the opening track alone creates an electrifying and unbearable want to hear the entirety of Peach. It truly sets the mood for the album. It creates a feeling of ecstasy, joy and any other word of the like.

“Iโ€™m wading through these contracts. Iโ€™m losing touch with who I used to be.”It seems as if with the creation of a second album also came the creation of even smarter and cheekier lyrics for Late Cambrian. With a bold song title like “The Label Needed a Single,” reminiscent of something Fall Out Boy would do, dreaming up such an ironic title isn’t good enough. What is good enough is backing up an audacious move with insightful lyrics. “The Label Needed a Single” delves into the world of present day society’s wants and aspirations. The lyrics spell it out clear as day. Cars, success, money, the A-List life: who doesn’t want that? Late Cambrian take something that could have been a superficial pursuit of a concept and execute it with thoughtful ease. The realization of losing one’s self in such a world is brought to life with the magic touch of Late Cambrian.

Moments like these are an often occurrence throughout Peach. Moments of complete musical euphoria as a result of an injection of tightly arranged melodies and lyrics that are of dramatic grandeur. The album as a whole is like a family and each song is a different member. Each song on Peach has its own distinctive character but as a whole, they flow into each other with great cohesion. “Poetry” is the prime example of such a feat. It’s a beautiful acoustic break in the pop rock-led release. While the signature rocking guitars and driving percussion we’re used to have been put on pause, this light and melodious track embodies everything right with the world. Sit back and soak in the musical sun beams radiating from this band.

We’ve only broken the surface of the sonic possibilities that Late Cambrian have in store.

“You can be the song that a caged bird sings. We should take the next ship out to see.”

Late Cambrian is John N Wlaysewski, Nunzio Moudatsos, and O.

Tour Dates:
04/18/2013 – New York, NY @ Olivia Party @ R Bar
05/18/2013 – New York, NY @ Hello Taiwan 2013 @ DROM


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