Mia Sparrow: [mee-ah-spar-o] Album Review

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Artist: Mia Sparrow
Album: [mee-ah-spar-o] Record Label: Flaming June
Release Date: 02/17/2012
Our Rating:
Track Listing:
01. China’s Gonna Help Us Out
02. Famine//Feasts
03. Cute Shona
04. Death of a Decibel
05. Summer Slang
06. Following Trails
07. Poor Tony
08. Hey!
09. To Hell in a Hellish Basket of Hands

“They get to create that impressive, awe inspiring music.” I have a pretty amazing job. I get to listen to music and constantly be impressed and in awe of the new talent I find everyday. Mia Sparrow have a pretty amazing job as well. They get to create that impressive, awe inspiring music. The album cover to Mia Sparrow’s debut album, [mee-ah-spar-o], is a little unsettling. It looks cartoonish, overly Photoshopped, and the members of Mia Sparrow look like they’re in a deadly game of Clue. (My money’s on Colonel Mustard.) So forgive me for having apprehension about listening to [mee-ah-spar-o] because I quickly learned that this band is truly talented. As the album begins, the lyrics are few and sparse. But the lyrics that do come up every now and then elevate the songs into something bigger than they already are.

Without question, “China’s Gonna Help Us Out” is absolutely stunning. While I find the guitar work to be strangely familiar of fellow Irishmen Two Door Cinema Club’s “What You Know,” the Mia Sparrow track is stunning in its own right. Mia Sparrow are the prime example that you don’t need lyrics to make a great song. They’re able to prove this with instrumentation alone. Sparsely heard vocals in the song are fuzzy and pull listeners into an alternate world. If you listen to this song with your eyes closed, you enter a world of musical bliss. The track is simply stunning. How else can I explain that?

As the album progresses, it becomes increasingly more fuzzy and delves more into the alternative rock genre. The entire album is melodic even in the more post-rock numbers. Other album highlights are “Famine//Feasts,” “Following Trails,” “Hey!” and “To Hell in a Hellish Basket of Hands.” The instrumentals throughout [mee-ah-spar-o] never falter. For a debut album, Mia Sparrow have done rather well. I’m proud to have Mia Sparrow’s debut album resting in my iTunes. You should too.

[mee-ah-spar-o] can be downloaded for free here: http://miasparrow.bandcamp.com/

Tour Dates:
09/06/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall
09/07/12 – Brookyln, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store


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