Seamonster: Baldessari Album Review

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Artist: Seamonster
Album: Baldessari
Record Label: Gold Robot Records
Release Date: 09/11/2012
Our Rating:
Track Listing:
01. Noa Noa
02. Normandy Landscape
03. Rain or Snow
04. Parasol
05. Vincent’s Chair
06. Adeline
07. Dancers
08. The Lawrence Tree
09. Georgia, 1931
10. Abstraction
11. Howard Finster, Man of Visions

“I’ll try to make an advance, despite the way that I dance” Listening to Seamonster reminds me of so many different artists. Seamonster’s reserved sound reminds me of Alexi Murdoch and Bright Eyes. While the production and musicality of Baldessari give off faint memories of City and Colour’s Little Hell and Freelance Whales. All these being artists that I love so it’s not much of a stretch to instantly like the sound of Seamonster’s Baldessari. Seamonster’s fuzzy textured vocals are captivating. As are the beats behind the vocals. Baldessari opens up with an almost muted, held back sound; an understatement to the actual lyrics being sung. “Noa Noa” comes off as such a simple song but it’s so much more complex than it is at first listen. It’s textured beyond comprehension though this will be heard throughout the album. In Seamonster’s calming demeanor, his vocals are always sung to perfection while his lyrics are moving and able to transport you to places unknown.

“Noa Noa” and “Normandy Landscape” become quick favorites as they open Baldessari out strong. As you listen to “Normandy Landscape,” the backing vocals take over you with its powerful and loud presence. Though that happens a lot on this album. These songs have an unexpected effect on its listeners. Being deceptively catchy, you get caught off guard when you realize that you’re pleasantly enjoying the album.

Looking out at my view of the city skyline (yes I’m bragging), Baldessari is the perfect album to listen to for a stroll around the city. Though its has the ability to distract your thoughts with its captivating sound, it’s good enough to allow you to not accidentally walk into oncoming traffic. And you all know the reputation drivers have in New York City. “Dancers” is another of the shine out tracks with the characteristic gleaming qualities about Seamonster. “Howard Finster, Man of Visions” ends the album out on a blissfully simplistic note. Baldessari is easily a great album.

“Wouldn’t you know, this embryo, is fully grown”


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