Short of Able: The Last One’s Gone Album Review

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Artist: Short of Able
Album: The Last One’s Gone
Record Label: Independent
Release Date: 10/20/2012
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Track Listing:
01. Crutch To A Cane
02. Bring It On Home
03. Silverware For Soul
04. Lessons Learned
05. Two Steps Back

06. Vices
07. Level Out
08. Last Call
09. You Know
10. Brother
11. See For Miles
12. 1905
13. My Old Friend
14. Fraggle
15. Lessons Learned (Acoustic)

Listening to Short of Able is like an instant flash back. Back to times when bands ruled the radio instead of computerized voices and when music had heart. This Edmonton band’s rock/folk-pop sound is like chicken soup for the soul. The Last One’s Gone brings you home with its soothing vocals and captivating guitar riffs. The melodies will haunt you for days upon your first listen.

“Take me back somewhere, Where I can write a wrong”“Silverware For Soul” is easily one of the gems off of this album. It does exactly what the above paragraph describes. This song takes you away into a land of musical bliss. While it’s a slower song, it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Its vivid lyrics easily provide the necessary content for losing your thoughts as you find yourself in the world that is Short of Able. These moments are found all throughout The Last One’s Gone. You find it in the gratifying musicianship in “Lessons Learned” as the guitar work is absolutely stellar.

What’s truly great about this album is its diversity. Each song has the distinct Short of Able sound while having its own identity and essence. There’s a balance between the fast paced rockers and the laid back slower jams. “Level Out” is among my favorites because of its ability to rile up the listener. The song builds you up and as the intensity heightens, so does the musical output. The chorus of “Last Call” is forever ingrained in my memory as it’s one of my favorites along with “1905”. This song has a bit of country twang, adding to Short of Able’s distinct sound, an addition that is much welcomed. All throughout Short of Able’s sophomore album lies smart and vivid lyrics. Each line, each note played, every captivating rhythm this band is able to produce simply takes the listener away. Heart is what Short of Able has and it’s seen all throughout The Last One’s Gone.

Picking a single song to highlight in this album review was excruciatingly hard. Instead of depriving yourself with one meager song, listen to some personal favorites: Brother, Two Steps Back, Level Out, See for Miles, Silverware For Soul, 1905, Last Call, My Old Friend

Short of Able is Devin Phillips, Justin Wisser, James Rutherford, Colin Ouellette.


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  • wayne

    Enjoyed your album review and couldn’t agree with you more. Have been following the band for years and am biased, but I also enjoy really good music and SOA delivers the goods. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s – back then you couldn’t wait for the beatles, the who, fleetwood mac, the eagles, etc. to release another album because you knew it would be great – original, diverse, creative, entertaining music created and played by talented people. Much, but not all of the music getting out there today follows a formula that the record labels make you follow or you don’t get any airplay – the dj’s now are just robots playing the formula songs shoved down their throats – they might even lose their jobs or lose that promotion if they play something they really like but isn’t on the corporation’s playlist’ Hooray for all the bands out there like Short Of Able – keep creating music you love – I just wish there was a better way for these bands to get their music out there without hitting the big Business wall of musical mediocrity. Come on, radio stations ( and DJ’s) – , take a chance and play some creative, good music every now and then that might wake the general public from their musical stupor – you might even be surprised and get some calls from listeners telling you how much they enjoy a breath of fresh musical air

    • Thank you Wayne! I agree with you completely. Music today is exactly like you described, following a formula and following orders from record labels and if you don’t, you lose monetary support and are black balled. Unfortunately, many aspects of today’s society is like that. Play the game or get out basically. However we have the gems like Short of Able who have the tenacity to make music the way they want.