Stellify: Exhale EP Album Review

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Artist: Stellify
Album: Exhale EP
Record Label:
Release Date: 2012
Our Rating:
Track Listing:
01. There Is No Other Night
02. Last Goodbye
03. Exhale
04. The One

It’s amazing that Stellify only formed in early 2012. Opening track and absolute killer “There Is No Other Night” has listeners guessing that they have been together for years upon years. Stellify’s distinctive psychedelic blues, rock n roll sound also has listeners guessing that they’re from the American south. But alas, these rockers are from South London and do psychedelic blues justice.

“You might say I’m walking a lonely road, it’s the only road I’ve ever known” If you were wondering what Stellify’s self described “psychedelic, blues driven rock n roll” genre would sound like, “There Is No Other Night” is exactly that. The blues and rock influence can be easily heard in the first few seconds. Warping sounds in the background give the track its psychedelic twist. Vocalist James Howlett’s guttural voice is enthralling and shines throughout “There Is No Other Night.” The instrumentation on this track is stellar. A true indication of Stellify’s skill. The track is laden with vivid lyrics, a wonderful vocal performance from Howlett and a guitar solo to entrance listeners for days.

“Last Goodbye” takes on a slower pace compared to its predecessor and quickly becomes a welcomed change in pace. The blues driven rock n roll sound is effervescent and Stellify’s influences of Hendrix and The Doors is clear as day. The chorus is infectious and will have you singing along in no time. The song’s lyrics are smart and catchy. “Woahs” are heard throughout the track and bring the pace back up. “Last Goodbye” becomes a highlight with great vocal delivery and beautiful instrumentals.

“Coming down I see the light, people come, people go out of your life”

Title track “Exhale” takes on a darker haunting sound. Stellify continue to create tracks with beautiful melodies and lyrics. “Exhale” is no different as it contains all those things. The Exhale EP ends on as beautiful a note as the rest of the album was. “The One” is a charming track, almost like a ballad. The wonderful thing about Stellify is that all their tracks vary from one another. They never stay within one set of song structure and sound. Each track is different from the rest and each track is a great listen.

Stellify is James Howlett, Richard Costello, Tim McNicol, Ben Clark.

Tour Dates:
10/01/12 – Camden, UK @ The Dublin Castle

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