The Almost: Fear Inside Our Bones Album Review

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01. Ghost
02. Fear Inside Our Bones
03. I’m Down
04. Never Be Like You
05. Come On
06. The Florida Sun
07. Fight Song
08. I Won’t Let Go
09. So What
10. Love Is Coming Down
11. Lonely Boy
For lack of a better word, I think The Almost’s new album Fear Inside Our Bones is awesome. What’s really impressive about this Florida band other than the gut wrenching lyrics and insane riffs that are plentiful throughout Fear Inside Our Bones is the fact that this album was recorded live on tape—meaning that The Almost recorded the songs live, together as a band in one take. I’ve always been a fan of this method of recording music and perpetually in awe of those who can pull it off. I’m an avid supporter of Daytrotter, in which recording live on tape is their mission statement. Other artists that I admire that do this are the Foo Fighters and most recently, Noah and the Whale who have stated that they also recorded on tape for Heart Of Nowhere. It’s a lost medium that is making its way back and The Almost have utilized it in a way that proves recording on tape can bring about a beautiful product.

“I’ve got no place to hide from the cold hard light of the truth that shines”

NATW’s frontman Charlie Fink told NME that they “sacrifice[d] that technical perfection for emotional intensity.” If you listen to Heart Of Nowhere, that intensity that Fink speaks of, it’s there and it’s in your face. The same intensity is blatant in Fear Inside Our Bones. This album is not a manufactured product of a machine. It’s a beautifully sculpted album that’s raw with intensity and it showcases the rock and roll band that The Almost truly are. The album opens with “Ghost” which powers through with lead singer’s Aaron Gillespie killer vocals and the equally impressive performance by the rest of the band. They’re so in sync with each other and with recording on tape, there’s nowhere to hide. The imperfections will show and yet there’s not really much to complain of on this album.

“I wanna go back, back to the Florida sun.” Track after track, expectations are always met. Every track has its own style that remains cohesive to the album, all while dripping in a gritty quality prominent all throughout Fear Inside Our Bones. The album’s first single, “I’m Down”, is a power anthem with its repeated refrain of “I’m down/don’t count me out” to get any listener riled up and ready to run marathons.

Fear Inside Our Bones remains a rock and roll album at its core but the pop rock and country qualities don’t go ignored. “Never Be Like You”‘s chorus is memorable and catchy backed by a commanding rhythm and the addictive energy that The Almost exude with complete swagger. The slower jams like “Come On” and “The Florida Sun” groove and rock just as much as the high energy, hard rockers of title track “Fear Inside Our Bones” and “I Won’t Let Go”. The chemistry that The Almost have playing live is infectious and have made this band all the better. It’s so clear on Fear Inside Our Bones. They’ve really created an album to be proud of. It’s powerfully raw and a visceral listen to truly move listeners.

Fear Inside Our Bones comes out on June 11, 2013 via Tooth & Nail. Stream it here:

The Almost is Aaron Gillespie, Dusty Redmon, Jay Vilardi, Joe Musten, Jon Thompson.

Tour Dates:
06/12/2013 – Irvine, CA @ Harvest Christian Fellowship
06/13/2013 – West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy Theatre
06/14/2013 – Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
06/15/2013 – San José, CA @ Calvary Chapel
06/16/2013 – Sparks, NV @ The Alley
06/18/2013 – Spokane, WA @ The Center
06/19/2013 – Boise, ID @ Calvary Chapel
06/20/2013 – Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
06/21/2013 – Las Vegas, NV @ Backstage Bar
06/22/2013 – Scottsdale, AZ @ Martini Ranch
06/23/2013 – Tucson, AZ @ The Rock


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