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If I didn't have a paralyzing fear of butterflies and wasn't easily startled, I could see myself being so happy working in a greenhouse environment. I had a wonderful time walking the grounds of the Planting Fields Arboretum but it was when I stepped inside their greenhouses that I truly felt in my element. Have you ever gasped and squealed in delight at the sight of plants? I have. I also did so repeatedly for hours on this day.

It was a warm morning for an October day, around 70 °F, but it was the perfect weather to be at the arboretum. It wasn't crowded and I had free range to take photos and take as long as I wanted too. There was so much to look at that my cousin didn't mind when I wandered off to take photos, which is always a plus. The grounds were so beautiful, especially with all the autumnal leaves, that I could have continued walking for hours – that is, if hunger weren't a thing. 

However, nothing can compare to the arboretum's greenhouses because those babies are works of art. I was at MoMA last week so of course I people watched, and it amazed me that some can spend so long looking at art. I personally can't do such a thing but I totes can when it comes to plants! When we reached the cacti and succulent sections, my cousin told me to brace myself before I saw what she was talking about and honestly, I screamed a little when I realized where we were. I also screamed when I saw something move among the haworthias. I had a quick, confused moment in which I had to confirm within my mind that yes, plants do not move. So when I saw that what was moving was in fact a lizard, I screamed and ran away like a baby. Yeezus, thinking about the fear that subsided within me during that moment just made me so anxious that I spazzed a little when my phone buzzed. 

Overall, 'twas a marvelous day spent at the Planting Fields Arboretum, despite all my little scares from animals. Next time I go back, I'll be sure to check out the Coe Hall tours.

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