Andrew Belle: “Pieces” Studio Video

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I love you Andrew Belle. What more is there to say really? I was up around 4am last night when I got the email notification that this was uploaded to YouTube so naturally I didn’t sleep all night. Yayyyyy coffee! *takes giant chug of latte* In addition to releasing the greatest new single, “Pieces,” from his upcoming album, Andrew also released a behind the scenes video and today we’ve got some more majestical videos!

He must have seen my last post where I mentioned missing his old videos so he uploaded this one as a thank you to my undying devotion. Sorry guys, Ryan Gosling recently said he was taking a break from acting to direct and the news hit me pretty hard; thus the strange fangirly posts recently. Anyways, watch the official studio video for “Pieces” above! I’m tired, can you tell?


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