Ariana Grande: “Snow In California”

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Whenever I want to get into the Christmas mood, I listen to "Snow In California" from Ariana Grande's masterpiece Christmas Kisses EP. Well actually, if I'm looking to be in a good mood in general, I'll listen to this song. I love the opening lines of the song when Ariana sings, "Dear Santa / It's me Ariana / I know it's been awhile but I really need / Your help this year." I find the lyrics to be so creative and amusing. Even though she's referring to herself in her own song, Ariana does it flawlessly. The rest of the song goes on to ask Santa for a favor -- for some favorable weather to keep her loved one in town for just a little bit longer. It's a Christmas song but it's subtle enough for one to listen to it all year long, without fear of ridicule for beginning the Christmas fervor too early. If you're looking to spice up your holiday playlists, be sure to add in "Snow In California." 

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