Atlas Genius @ Bowery Ballroom 06/19/2013

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Atlas Genius
Bowery Ballroom, NYC
Wednesday, June 19,2013

Set List:
01. Symptoms
02. On A Day
03. If So
04. When It Was Now
05. Centered On You
06. Back Seat
07. Cover
08. All These Girls
09. Don’t Make A Scene
10. Through The Glass
11. Trojans
12. Electric
It’s a damn shame the Supreme Court ruled that human genes can’t be patented. I’m like Professor Slughorn in the sense that I just walk around with viles and test tubes in various nooks and crannies for whenever the chance arises to collect some valuable substance. (It’s the chemistry major in me, what can I say?) So naturally I was upset when lead singer of Atlas Genius, Keith Jeffery’s sweat flew everywhere during their set because I knew this was a chance to finally clone my own Keith Jeffery. Damn you U.S. Supreme Court, you ruin everything!

Missed opportunities and evil plots to take over the world with Australian musician clones aside, this was the second time I was seeing Atlas Genius perform live. The first time was at a sold-out Studio at Webster Hall which also happened to be part of MTV’s Artists To Watch Live series. That performance was satisfyingly interesting—full of energy, burning drum kits, loss of all microphone power, and acoustic Beatles’ covers.

Last night’s performance at Bowery Ballroom had the exact same effect though no instruments starting burning half-way through. Playing through their entire debut album, When It Was Now, the band performed like their lives depended on it. They played as if the future of Keith Jeffery clones depended on it—which considering the perspiration emitted from the lead singer, the urgency was high. Their set was frenetic with energy as was the members of Atlas Genius. Whiplash was a side effect of watching an Atlas Genius show with Jeffery’s antics on stage: guitar soloing in one corner one second and playing back to back with bassist Kevin McPherson the next. And the cure for the incurring whiplash? More Atlas Genius.

“It’s time we got intimate.”

As tireless and dynamic Atlas Genius are when they play as a full band, they’re the exact same during acoustic numbers. It was like a flashback to the speakers blowing out at Webster Hall, when drummer Mike Jeffery abandoned his brother on stage to fend for himself. Except last night’s acoustic rendition of “All These Girls” was completely by choice. (Which Keith introduced with “It’s time we got intimate.) The sickeningly sweet song pulled at the heart-strings of the entire audience as Jeffery crooned “All these girls are not the same as you”. For all the captivating moments during their set, this acoustic rendition was one of the many highlights including Jeffery using a beer bottle as a capo for his guitar.

As the solo performance came to an end, the rest of the band were instantly back on stage to transport the minds of the audience into a world of musical bliss full of Atlas Genius’ alternative rock sound. They closed their set with fan-favorites “Trojans” and “Electric” that had the fan-boys in the crowd going crazy. That’s right, the male fans in the crowd were going just as crazy as the women. And with the kind of performance Atlas Genius are able to put on, I left Bowery Ballroom accepting that my dreams of cloning and patenting Keith Jeffery’s genes were shattered because the show I had just experienced was something to truly experience in person.

Atlas Genius is Keith Jeffery, Michael Jeffery, Kevin McPherson, Darren Sell.

Tour Dates:
06/20/2013 – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun Casino – Wolf Den
06/21/2013 – Dover, DE @ Firefly Music Festival
06/23/2013 – Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
06/24/2013 – Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew’s Hall
06/27/2013 – Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
06/29/2013 – Tinley Park, IL @ Q87,7 PiQniQ
06/30/2013 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
07/06/2013 – Vancouver, BC @ Kelowna’s Waterfront Park
07/10/2013 – Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Blues Festival
07/13/2013 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bunbury Music Fest
08/01/2013 – Chicago, IL @ Schubas
08/02/2013 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/04/2013 – Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Music Festival
08/08/2013 – Bakersfield, CA @ B Ryders
08/09-11/2013 – San Francisco, CA @ Outside Lands
09/18/2013 – Santa Barbara, CA @ KJEE Summer Round Up
09/20/2013 – Chula Vista, CA @ 91X-Fest


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