Atlas Genius Outtakes @ Webster Hall 04/09/2013

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Not all shows go smoothly, but Atlas Genius turned this one around in no time.

Back in April, Aussies Atlas Genius played a show at The Studio at Webster Hall that was meant to be live streamed on for MTV’s Artists To Watch. Unfortunately midway through the set, technical difficulties with Mike Jeffery’s drum kit/speakers caused the show to end abruptly. During that time, I took way more photographs than necessary and thought it would be fun to write out the disastrous (but amazing) night in photos.

Giving the sound technicians the a-okay after the assessing the situation but in reality, it was not okay.

Everyone is confused.

*Plays random iconic melodies to ease the crowd*

Mass confusion all around.

Using the scouts honor hand gesture to get everyone to STFU.

One drunk guy in the back won’t stop yelling “OY OY OY” so Jeffery’s gotta use both hands now.

Mike reappears after leaving his brother onstage alone to fend for himself.

Keith: “I have no idea what’s going on.”

Keith: “Beer break, because reasons.”

Mike gives his brother props for entertaining the crowd acoustically like a champ.


Atlas Genius is Keith Jeffery, Michael Jeffery, Kevin McPherson, Darren Sell.


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