Atlas Genius @ The Studio at Webster Hall 04/30/2013

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“The great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things that you do; they’ll also be the things that happen to you.” -Ted Mosby I’m a firm believer in the idea that what happens to us is all part of a plan: a plan that makes sure that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be, exactly when we’re supposed to be there. That when things go wrong, there’s a silver lining somewhere; that things went wrong only so that more amazing opportunities are to come. This belief system of mine —by way of How I Met Your Mother— came to life last night at Webster Hall in New York City. Opening act, Wild Cub, had all their instruments stolen and yet they were capable of putting on a great show. All seemed good in the world as Aussies Atlas Genius were playing when halfway through their sixth song, a speaker blew out. Words along the lines of “It’s burning!” were heard from drummer, Mike Jeffery, onstage as the catastrophic meltdown of stage equipment occurred. A nice 20 minutes later, despite the technical difficulties, guitarist and vocalist Keith Jeffery, was able to keep the crowd entertained with melodies and Beatles covers.

In spite of the equipment failing, it was like a fairy godmother was in the venue because in both performances before and after the meltdown, Atlas Genius went on as if nothing ever happened. Atlas Genius took the shitty pumpkin seeds of the situation and turned it into a bad ass pumpkin carriage that even Jay-Z would be proud to ride around in. A speaker blew out. It happens. And through that, the crowd at Webster Hall was able to spend their night hearing beautiful acoustic renditions of “Trojans”, “Blackbird” (The Beatles), and “All These Girls”. We were all meant to be there, to experience the catastrophe, and to all come together to whisper along to “Trojans” as Keith Jeffery sang as loud as he could over the intimate and unmic’d setting.

“This song is called ‘When It Was Now’ off our album, When It Was Now”

Before the speaker blew out, Atlas Genius’ set was nothing short of spectacular. Each note was laced with energetic pop and had the crowd going crazy. The vocal delivery from this band is truly something to experience live. It was fresh and exciting simultaneously. This feeling was constant all throughout their performance. Even when it was solely Keith Jeffery left on stage towards the end of the show, the aura of the venue continued to stay fresh and exciting. Any oncoming restlessness from waiting for the sound to be amended was soothed by Keith’s quick decision to sing a Beatles cover of “Blackbird”, a cover that instantly brought on cheers and would have made any Beatles lover proud. Atlas Genius are true performers. They’re able to keep their cool at the drop of a hat, or even at the explosion of a speaker. Their planned set list was cut short but the alternatives played that night were even better.

The album title, When It Was Now, was truly put to the test. We were all meant to be there in that moment, to experience it, to let it happen to us. Moments like these will become the great moments of our lives.

Atlas Genius is Keith Jeffery, Michael Jeffery, Kevin McPherson, Darren Sell.

Set List:
01. “On A Day”
02. “If So”
03. “When It Was Now”
04. “Centered On You”
05. “Back Seat”
06. “All These Girls”
07. “Trojans”
08. “Blackbird” – the Beatles cover
09. “All These Girls”

Tour Dates:
05/03/2013 – New York, NY @ Penguin in SoHo
05/04/2013 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Piazza at Schmidt’s
05/07/2013 – London, UK @ Electrowerkz
05/08/2013 – Hamburg, GE @ Prinzenbar
05/18/2013 – Irvine, CA @ KROQ Weenie Roast
05/19/2013 – Mountain View, CA @ Live 105 BFD Festival
05/20/2013 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Soho Restaurant and Music Club


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