August 2014 Playlist

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Track List:
1. Where’s the Time – Caveman
2. You Haunt Me – Sir Sly
3. Figure It Out – Royal Blood
4. Superheroes – The Script
5. Suitcase Heart – Jesse Macht
6. Ghost – Ella Henderson
7. Beware the Dog – The Griswolds
8. Racy – Hooray For Earth
9. Happy Little Pill – Troye Sivan
10. How You Love Me (Acoustic) – 3LAU, Bright Lights
11. Working Together – Los Colognes
12. Gold (Betablock3r Remix) – Sir Sly
13. Apollo – Magic Man
14. Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith
15. Southern Sun – Boy & Bear

August is here and there is no one happier than I am about it. I loathe summer. New York’s humidity is my awful reality and there is not much worse to me than being sweaty. #WinterIsComing. I will happily trudge through snow whilst wearing layer upon layer because at least when you’re cold, you can do something about it! As the heat cools down and people start to emerge from their air conditioned rooms, it only means one thing: more human interaction. So why not isolate yourself further from society by blasting my August playlist (which you can easily follow on Spotify). Just pop in those ear plugs and put on your best New Yorker face of contempt and go on with your merry day.

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