Aunt Martha Daytrotter Session

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There’s a quality to Aunt Martha’s music that reminds me fondly of Jack Kerouac — a long time favorite. Like Kerouac, when Aunt Martha string words together, they are nothing less than vivid. It’s absolutely striking, the way this band is able to portray their visceral ideas of love and internal realizations through song. Combining their purely radiant instrumentals along with their ever telling lyrics, Aunt Martha takes its listeners on a journey — no doubt a journey people are eager to join. The journey these Aunt Martha songs take us on are an exploration into the deep unknown that is love, pursuit, and consciousness of reality.

This trip that we find ourselves on with Aunt Martha, it gets you to think. While these songs may be examination into the inner workings of Tim Noyes’ own mind, the clarity and sentiment in his story telling easily makes listeners question what it is we want in our own lives. As we travel along with Aunt Martha, we take on their own questions and desires. Not to sound like parasites, living off of another’s life force, but this is simply a repercussion when you listen to this band. The conviction so clear in their songs, it’s hard not to take these songs to heart, becoming the soundtrack to our own inner thoughts on life.

“I loved you then, I still do now”

To fully understand what I’m trying to convey to you, all it takes is a simple listen from Aunt Martha’s Daytrotter Session that was recently released on May 2nd. It’s captivatingly beautiful in its simplicity, which is the true beauty of Daytrotter in itself. One listen will simply not be enough because I’ve easily been listening to their session for hours now.

“I was halfway across America, at the dividing line between the East of my youth and the West of my future.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road


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