Bad Things: “Anybody”

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“I never loved you so don’t bleed it out” I don’t know what I find more amusing: the fact that Bad Things lead singer Davis LeDuke likes to roll around in the mud at shows or the fact that Bad Things couldn’t wait to release their single so they just went ahead and leaked it themselves. Either way, we’ve got a great new single in our hands. “Anybody” comes off the band’s soon to be released self-titled debut album on Warner Bros. Records and so far, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it. If this is the kind of single Bad Things is putting out, then their debut album is going to be quite the listen. Hey guys, play New York City soon yeah?

Bad Things is Davis LeDuke, Jared Palomar, Anthony Sanudo, Lena Zawaideh, Shaun White.


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