Bad Things: “Vices”

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“Shaun White” Shaun White. Snowboarding. Sentence about Shaun White. Shaun White’s hair is no longer long. Anecdote about the time Shaun White played the Mila Kunis loving jerk in Friends with Benefits. Comedic genius! Sochi. (Which is apparently a city.) Shaun White plays guitar. Shaun, wait for it, White. BOOM. 10/10.

And that has concluded my mandatory paragraph pertaining to Shaun White that every single news outlet seems to fucking open with when they write about Bad Things. That was fun, wasn’t it? When Bad Things first came out with “Anybody” back in August and were still reeling from their buzz worthy Lollapalooza performance, I was so excited about them. Since then, the excitement has simmered down. But that was all done intentionally to lead up to this past week. Over-saturation of a band over a five month period is never good. A new single every day for the past week? Cake. By now we’re used to Bad Things leaking their own singles, that’s old news. We don’t want any of that. Give us the album. January 21st. My body is ready.

Bad Things is Davis LeDuke, Jared Palomar, Anthony Sanudo, Lena Zawaideh, Shaun White.


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