Boys Like Girls: “Let Go” Cover

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If you’re not familiar with the “My Favorite” series, it’s just another category on the site that aims to highlight specific moments in my life that were really special to me, and still continue to be despite my constantly evolving likes and dislikes.

I discovered this cover of Frou Frou’s “Let Go” by Boys Like Girls because I loved the movie Love Me If You Dare starring Guillaume Canet (aka Patrick Dempsey’s doppelgänger) and Marion Cotillard. For a real throwback, I first watched this movie on Google’s Video Player when that was still a thing. Anyone else remember these days? It was when the Internet was a much more simpler place. Anyways, Frou Frou’s original rendition was the movie trailer song and being that I adored this movie so much, it was only natural for me to watch every cover out there of it.

When I first heard this Boys Like Girls cover, I was so moved by it. It was beautiful and I’d never heard BLG sound so raw and genuine. I loved the cover so much I recorded it playing on my orange EnV (iPhones weren’t cool yet) and set it as my ringtone for a good two years. I remember the glitch in the beginning of my best recording of the song that would blast from my block of a cell phone, letting me know someone was calling me. This cover takes me back to summer days and I thought it was only fitting to post it after the Summer Solstice. All these years later and I still love this cover, and hope you guys do too.

Boys Like Girls is Martin Johnson, Paul DiGiovanni, John Keefe, Morgan Dorr.


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