Brother Blyss: “Still Don’t Seem to Care”

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This past February saw LA’s Brother Blyss playing their first ever live performance and one short month later, us new music junkies have been graced with the band’s debut single, “Still Don’t Seem to Care”. Premiered on the Vinyl District, the track initially comes off as a myriad of conflicting moods. In congruence with TVD — not to be mistaken with The Vampire Diaries — the single’s lush harmonies bring forth a psychedelic tone to the forefront of a listener’s ear lobes.

With such an ambiance, flower power and world peace come to mind only to be shut down by the understated haunting inflection of the song. As the track builds up tension, the song’s flower-powered exterior is quickly shattered and soon becomes the sad tale of a recluse whom as the song title suggests, still doesn’t seem to care. This initially exuberant single is quick to show that’s its darker than it seems, cheekily ending abruptly on the words “no one”. As the overused saying goes, “Still Don’t Seem to Care” had more to it than at first listen. But what we as music lovers should be paying attention to rather is the fact that as a debut single, Brother Blyss have shown us that they’ve got a lot more songs for us to unravel as they continue to work on their debut EP.

Brother Blyss is Garrett Zeile, McCoy Kirgo, Waylon Rector, Bryan De Leon, Andrew Wells.


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