Buzzfeed’s The 50 Hottest Male Indie Musicians List – Revised

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Buzzfeed came out with the “50 Hottest Male Indie Musicians” a few days ago and I couldn’t help but disagree with a majority of it. Their list felt like the author just scrolled through Pitchfork, picked random bands, and then chose members out of a hat. Well we took it upon ourselves to right this travesty of a wrong and create our own list of the 50 hottest male musicians. And once you get to number one, you’ll surely agree with our picks.

50. Telekinesis

49. Ty Segall

48. Aaron Dessner – The National

47. Igor Haefeli – Daughter

46. Dave Garwacke – Laura Stevenson & The Cans

45. Jack Tatum – Wild Nothing

44. Jonas Bjerre – Mew

43. Steven Lindenfelser – Pacific Air

42. Jordi Davieson – San Cisco

41. Ernest Greene – Washed Out

40. Stuart McLamb – The Love Language

Pictured as the first person from the right in all his scruffy glory. Photo: Wendy Lynch Redfern.

39. Alister Wright – Cloud Control

Pictured as the second person from the left.

38. Matthew Shapiro & Stephen Kemp – Young Galaxy

Pictured as the first two from the left. These two are adorable.

37. Andy Hurley – Fall Out Boy

Obviously not indie but if you’ve ever heard Andy Hurley speak, your heart will just melt. Watch this video in which Fall Out Boy discuss “Death Valley” for instance, because Andy brings joy to Patrick Stump and Joe Trohman without even trying.

36. Juan Pieczanski – Small Black

Pictured as the second person from the left. Watcha looking at Juan?

35. Stelth Ulvang – The Lumineers

This talented multi-instrumentalist is absolutely precious. Especially when he stands on top of pianos during performances. He’s pictured as the first person from the left. And below is an artsy photo of Ulvang.

34. Aman Ellis – The Denzels

33. Joe Luisi – a house for lions

Pictured as the first person from the right. Here’s another photo to tickle your fancy.

32. Jakob Millung – Choir of Young Believers

Pictured as the first person from the left.

31. Craig Bowers – Weird Dreams

Photo: Pal Hansen.

30. Jamie Lidell

29. Louis Vecchio – New Politics

28. Mike & Keith Jeffery – Atlas Genius

How dare you forget Mike Buzzfeed. Photo: Chona Kasinger.

27. Rian Dawson – All Time Low

Not indie but Rian recently decided to grow out his hair and I had to commend him for the wise decision. Photo: Adam Elmakias.

26. Jon Philpot – Bear In Heaven

Don’t fancy facial hair? Or maybe you like a little bit of scruff? Well we’ve got both options for you here! Photo: Tommy Kearns.

25. Julien Barbagallo – Tame Impala

Photo: Tommy Kearns.

24. Kellin Quinn – Sleeping With Sirens

Not indie, but still beautiful. Photo: Adam Elmakias.

23. Leon Beck – Fanfarlo

Pictured as the second person from the left.

22. Airick Woodhead – Doldrums

21. Mark Pontius – Foster The People

20. The Strokes

Julian Casablancas is great but let’s not forget the rest of the Strokes who are total lookers. Common courtesy.

19. Dabney Morris – Wild Cub

Pictured as the first person on the left. Not only is Dabney a great drummer, he’s also a talented photographer.

18. Charlie Fink – Noah and the Whale

17. Phoenix

I’m sorry but anyone with eyes should be able to see that the entirety of Phoenix is adorable. I mean, look at Branco and his stylish threads! Or Christian Mazzalai? Have you ever heard the man speak? *swoon* And let’s not forget to mention that Thomas Mars and Christian stick their band passes to the insides of their jackets. I spot a blue Bowery Presents sticker amongst the mess. Reppin’ NYC. Photo: Tommy Kearns.

16. Andrew Belle

I love him and he was just featured in the New York Times because he’s amazingly talented as well.

15. Alex Turner – Arctic Monkeys

I didn’t know what Alex Turner looked like until this year when the Arctic Monkeys buzz wave started again but there’s no denying that he belongs on this list.

14. Kyle Simmons – Bastille

And here’s a photo of Kyle being adorable with Dan Smith of Bastille.

13. The Black Keys

Other than Nutella and pretzels, the Black Keys are the greatest duo to ever exist.

12. Thomas Fekete – Surfer Blood

He’s wearing a sweater with a ghost on it and posing with kangaroos. You couldn’t fight me on this even if you tried.

11. Jack Bevan – Foals

BUT THOSE DIMPLES. Sorry Yannis, I love your stage antics but Jack’s got this one totally in the bag. Plus he’s precious in this interview.

10. Anthony Gonzalez – M83

9. Michael Angelakos – Passion Pit

8. Javier Suarez – Craft Spells

Pictured as the second person from the left. Javier’s just staring into your soul in this photo.

7. Chris Bear – Grizzly Bear

Pictured as the last man on the right. Ed Droste, you’re funny and make great Vine videos but Chris takes the cake on this one.

6. Clay Violand – ex-Wild Nothing

Pictured as the third man from the left.

5. Devendra Banhart

4. Taylor Rice – Local Natives

I mean, have you ever heard the man harmonize with Kelcey Ayer and Ryan Hahn?! Plus, he’s pretending to be a deer in this photo. Dead.

3. Chris Tomson – Vampire Weekend

Hey Buzzfeed, I see your Ezra Koenig and raise you a Chris Tomson. Photo: Chona Kasinger.

2. Dan Smith – Bastille

And here’s Dan Smith laughing. Thank you Tumblr for making this gif a reality.

1. Ryan Gosling & Zach Shields – Dead Man’s Bones

I take this as the greatest offense Buzzfeed could ever do. It’s no secret that Buzzfeed loves Ryan. What sensible person doesn’t? The man is purely lovable. Which is why I was appalled that Louis Peitzman failed to include RyGos and his equally beautiful Dead Man’s Bones partner, Zach Shields.

Have anything to say for yourself Louis?

No? I thought so.

Dear Louis Peitzman,

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