Camera Obscura @ Central Park SummerStage 07/08/2013

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I photographed Camera Obscura and She & Him at Central Park SummerStage this past Monday for CMJ and wanted to share some photos! I shot them with a 28mm 1.8 lens and I can confidently say that shooting prime was not ideal in this situation! (Now saving up for a zoom lens.) I’d show you photographs of She & Him but I had to sign a photo release form banning me from posting photos anywhere other than CMJ. Lame.

I feel like since Zooey Deschanel is so artsy fartsy, she’d be okay with photos but nope! No sharing the photos anywhere other than the pre-approved outlet. So if you see photos of She & Him anywhere on the interwebz and they look rather high-res, that person broke a contract, just sayinnnnnn. Anyways, read my concert review of the show over at CMJ!

Camera Obscura is Tracyanne Campbell, Gavin Dunbar, Kenneth McKeeve, Lee Thomson, Carey Lander


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