Camera2 @ Best Buy Theater 01/29/2014

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“I love me too ladies.” It was Brooklyn band Camera2’s first New York City show ever last night at Best Buy Theater, opening up for Walk Off The Earth. Playing their hometown for the first time should have been daunting but nerves were nonexistent for these Brooklynites. “Freak Show” and “Just About Made It” were easily crowd favorites for the nearly packed theater. “Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow,” said bassist Michael Jurin as he prepared to throw a ladies size medium shirt into the crowd with an appropriate ba dum tss. “I don’t wanna see a big guy grab it,” lets hope their first NYC show ended with a lucky lady sporting a brand new Camera2 shirt.

Camera2 is Andy Chase, Mike Williams, Michael Jurin, Aric Gillis.


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