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“In the end, all bands are judged by their songs. Not the studio quality of the recording, YouTube views or album reviews, but by the actual music they make. That’s what it’s all about, right?”Ronnie Winter


Tracklist: 01. Developments 02. Introduced Species 03. Weight 04. Shapeshifters 05. The House You Built 06. A Tale Of Outer Suburbia 07. Oceandust 08. No Parallels 09. Fountainhead 10. Wisteria 11. A Fire On A Hill This isn’t so much a proper album review but more of a post telling you that buying Unimagine by…


Pineapple Dreams finds Ballyhoo! continuing to shine with their unique brand of reggae inspired alternative rock music combined with introspective lyricism that still manages to have a widespread appeal with its relatability.


Things look hopeful for Lydia, an indie rock band from Gilbert, Arizona, who have come back to follow up their 2011 reunion LP, Paint It Golden, with their newest release Devil—released back in March. We find Lydia taking a departure from their classic melancholic aesthetic as seen on 2008’s Illuminate and instead aim for a more upbeat, lighthearted record.


Surfer Blood’s third LP release, Pythons, finds the West Palm Beach band departing from their ’90s lo-fi inspired aesthetic that first garnered them critical success with their debut album, 2010’s Astro Coast. Leading up to its release, singles “Demon Dance”, “Weird Shapes”, and Record Store Day exclusive “Slow Six” caused confusion among listeners with the mish-mosh of genres lacking an identifiable musical direction.


My first listen of Collapsible Lung had me thinking “Relient K just “The Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care“-ed me for 39 minutes” but if you give it some time and look at it with a fresh slate, Collapsible Lung will be something you love in no time.


For lack of a better word, I think The Almost’s new album Fear Inside Our Bones is awesome. What’s really impressive about this Florida band other than the gut wrenching lyrics and insane riffs that are plentiful throughout Fear Inside Our Bones is the fact that this album was recorded live on tape.


L.A. duo Verhoven comprised of Thrice Noble (vocals, synth) and Scott Glenn (guitars) have just released their debut EP which effortlessly blends electronic with elements of rock music.


Rather than traditionally creating music in a studio, Canopy Climbers send tracks back and forth via the Internet and yet somehow create songs that would dupe even the most acute listener—by simply listening, one could never tell that Canopy Climbers never met in person during the making of their sophomore release, Miles.


And that’s sort of like listening to Montreal experimental band, Dam Ships. Songs that begin with an upbeat tone can take an unprecedented trip down a road of despair, after taking a turn into misery lane that you even didn’t know you took.


It’s been two years since we’ve last heard new material from City and Colour, the solo project of Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green, and from the album artwork alone it was safe to assume that times were a changin’. In their three album existence never has Green’s face graced an album cover, and finally that moment has come.