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Photos: Shugo Tokumaru @ Bowery Ballroom (7/11)

I photographed this show back in July for an interview I was doing with Shugo for CMJ. I never got around to finishing editing the photos mainly because I forgot about them. But I’ve found some more free time as I recover post-op so I finally got around to finishing the edits! Supporting acts for…

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Interview: Hands Like Houses @ Warped Tour, NY (7/13)

Hands Like Houses put on a great show which ended with lead singer, Trenton Woodley, in the crowd. I had the opportunity to speak with vocalist Trenton and drummer Matty about Warped Tour and their new album in our interview below. Also check out live performance photos from their set on Long Island!

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Interview: NeW bEAt FUNd

Acknowledging their late set time, the band with their easy-going ability to talk to fans still managed to garner a large crowd as they ended the day with their slick tunes, with other members of the Warped Tour there along to experience the good times as well. We spoke to the band and explored their c0gNiTiV3 Abi1Iti3z in our interview below.

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Interview: Matt Toka

Photograph by Erin Trigg It seems Matt Toka’s green hair has become his identifier. It’s usually the conversation starter, his hair. His music or dedication to his fans tends to come second to this. And this shouldn’t be the case. I’m not really helping by starting off about his hair either; but as with all…

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Interview: June Divided

Is this your first year on Warped? Lenny: Officially. Keith: I would say so. Officially? What does that mean? Lenny: Last year we played one day. We just did the Camden date last year with Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. This year we’re doing 12. As you can see first day, we’re still just…

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Interview: Owen Plant

Owen Plant claims he feels more in his element with “people scowling” at him while busking. Somehow I don’t believe this. As Owen performed at the Acoustic Basement stage at Warped Tour Uniondale this past Saturday, he seemed totally in his element. At moments he would close his eyes while playing, seeming to be in…

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Interview: Ballyhoo!

Being more reggae and rock in contrast to Warped Tour’s traditional punk sound, how do you think fans will react to your set? Howi: Hopefully like they do everything. We throw down an energetic, fun set. We try to get everybody involved and have a good time. They paid the money to be here. We…

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