Cavil at Rest: “We Could Love” (Local Natives)

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Today we’re going back in time to when my favorite harmony band was performing under the moniker Cavil at Rest. That time my friends was 2007; a time when Ryan Hahn’s curly hair ran free and Local Natives had yet to exist. Orion Way had just been released and the world seemed so small. But alas, today that same band—give or take a certain bassist—have taken over both my iTunes music library and the indie music scene.

It seems so long ago that Local Natives were playing their first SXSW and CMJ showcases, blowing away the band’s early audiences and understandably so. Even when Local Natives had yet to become the Local Natives they are now, it’s always refreshing to go back and listen to their early music, seeing the similarities and differences that have grown over time. “We Could Love” interweaves the vocals and harmonies that we’ve become so familiar with in regards to LN now and it’s absolutely lovely hearing that same quality but seven years back.

Local Natives is Kelcey Ayer, Taylor Rice, Ryan Hahn, Matt Frazier, Nick Ewing.


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