Call Me Anything @ The Studio at Webster Hall 06/03/2012

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The feeling of regret I have over ignoring past opening acts has never been greater. Actually, there’s never been any regret until now. It’s sad really, how people treat opening acts, using their set time as the perfect time to tweet about the headliner. But from what I’ve seen, opening acts never really mind that. Call Me Anything and Phone Calls From Home were the complete opposite and the epitome of everything you want in an opening act. These bands took over the stage, took over the venue, and most importantly took over the crowd. It was hard to not be completely enveloped in their astonishing performances. Call Me Anything and Phone Calls From Home opened for Paradise Fears at their June 3, 2012 show at The Studio at Webster Hall in New York City. Both these bands blew me away and as a result, I’m going to try to get them as much buzz as I possibly can.

There’s a special moment, when you hear a certain kind of melody, the kind that gets stuck indefinitely in your mind, where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t keep your mind from playing it over and over in your head. So ultimately when you give up trying to fight it, you accept it, and suddenly you find yourself humming stupidly in the corner of a concert venue, sitting on top of the ledge of a seat that only holds half your butt, because you’re 5 feet fall and you desperately want to see the band singing this addictive melody.

That’s where I found myself Sunday night. Held up in a corner, on top of a bench, propping myself up with my legs trying to further encase myself in what was “Holiday” by Call Me Anything. I’d never heard of this band before, didn’t even know they were an opening act. But what I soon knew was that I would never overlook this band again. As I write this, “Holiday” has been on repeat over five times now via the band’s YouTube account. But the recorded version does no justice to the live performance.

Call Me Anything have this charisma about them, the kind that you can’t look away from. They capture your attention and hold you there, they take over your senses, and when you finally come back to reality, you find yourself swaying to their addictive crack-like melodies and ooh-ing right along with them.

It’s crazy really, the effect Call Me Anything can have an on a crowd. With a very short set of five songs, their performance seemed to have last forever. It was a never ending symphony of sweet, sweet ear pleasuring sounds. The crowd could not help but sing along and the parents, well they couldn’t help but listen, that is after I yelled at them to take their iPod headphones out.

Call Me Anything is pop music at its finest. Their musicianship on the stage is tight, as is their playing. And most importantly, their cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was one that caused your smile to run from ear to ear. Truly a stunning performance overall, CMA ooze pure enjoyment when they play. Give them a chance and see them play live.

Call Me Anything is Will Tenney and Matt Mcnulty.

Set List:
1. #Overit
2. Unforgiveable
3. Holiday
4. Celebrity
5. Call Me maybe


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