SomeKindaWonderful @ Irving Plaza 11/25/14

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It was a short but sweet set for Cleveland’s SomeKindaWonderful on Tuesday night at Irving Plaza. The show was sold out and the queue of loyal New Politics fans wrapped around the corner of the block. As the second act on the bill, it was barely 7 o’clock by the time SKW stepped onstage to a nearly packed venue. SomeKindaWonderful opened their set with a rocking performance of “Police,” off their self-titled debut album, and it really set the mood for the remainder of their set. The smooth R&B/rock feel had the packed venue vibing along as the band performed in front of a glowing butterfly onstage.

As the band continued to play, the only open space left in Irving was around the bar area. Here, you could see concert go-ers dancing in pairs to the spiraling chorus of “Hard For Days.” But amongst the standing crowd, parents could be seen nodding along to the music—my favorite thing to witness at concerts. SKW took a moment to greet the crowd after the second song, speaking briefly about calling L.A. and Cleveland home and a bit about their love for New York.

After introducing their single, “Reverse,” a few cheers in the crowd were heard. There seemed to be a lot of the band’s “butterfly militia” (their fan base name) amongst the crowd as “Reverse” was surely the set highlight. Vocalist Jordy Towers would lean over the stage as he belted out the song’s biting lyrics. “I tell my story in reverse ‘cuz it hurts, girl it hurts too much to bare… but if I could do it again, I would do it again.” Despite being somewhat of a slower song, the single had a powerful feel to it, easily swaying the audience to its rhythms and spooky chants. SomeKindaWonderful owned their short six song set with an authoritative set list and stage presence.

 Photography by Emily Korn

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