Taylor Berrett @ Gramercy Theatre 09/12/2012

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Let’s be honest here. When Taylor Berrett stepped on stage at Gramercy Theatre this past Wednesday and greeted the crowd with “You all sound so attractive,” my eyes rolled so hard. That’s one thing I hate that performers do. Trying to win over the crowd with innuendo laden comments to a crowd of swooning teenagers. However, that can’t be held completely against Taylor. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got and with Taylor Berrett on stage with just himself and a guitar, how does one not work the John Mayer card?

Besides my personal pet peeves, Taylor Berrett had captivating stage presence during his performance. He was able to interact with the crowd and interject inside jokes with the crowd into his songs. His quick thinking and cleverness won me over but what really did it for me was his vocal range and pure talent. Berrett is a true performer and his songs were incredibly catchy.


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