Cub Scouts: “Do You Hear”

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Here’s a cool tune for those of you also depressed by finals. And if you don’t have finals and will probably never see a Scranton again, I envy you. I’ll probably make a playlist for finals week because I am the epitome of procrastination. And my final research paper that was due today at 4 pm? Finished it at 1 pm like a motherfucking boss. DAS RIGHT.

“Do You Hear” by Cub Scouts might be a bit dated but it’s still an awesome song and its upbeat indie pop sound lifted my soul from the dark abyss of Tartarus that it’s been in as of late. Here’s to my long lost sanity!

Cub Scouts is Tim Nelson, Zoe Davis, Sam Netterfield, Daniel Puusaari, Andrew Williams.


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