Cub Sport: “Paradise” Video

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Alas! A music video for Cub Scout’s Sport’s latest single, “Paradise”! Why the strike out on “Scouts” you might be thinking? Well that’s because Scouts Australia got their panties in a bunch and forced Cub Scouts to change their name. So from now on, Cub Scouts will be releasing music as “Cub Sport”. They should’ve pulled a fun. and simply added a period to the end of their name to really stick it to their haters.

Now that we’ve gotten that fun tidbit of news out of the way, above is Cub Sport’s fun in the sun video for “Paradise”! How appropriate. Mixed in with footage of the band on holiday, smiling and splashing about, is also some very Queen-like edits. You’ll get what I mean once you watch the video.

Cub Scouts is Tim Nelson, Zoe Davis, Sam Netterfield, Daniel Puusaari, Andrew Williams.


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