Dear Lions: “Out of Body”

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Never has a song title been more accurate. “Out of Body” makes me feel just that; it gives me an out of body experience. The first 10 seconds of the song puts me into a trance. Listening to “Out of Body” made me feel like I was a snake in a basket reaching out to the hypnotizing snake charmer sounds of Dear Lions. They were the snake charmer but instead of turbans, long white hair, and bead necklaces, they had guitars and drums. Pushing me out of my basket with their luscious vocals and melodies but I was an eager participant. The less I was the bamboo basket, the more I could listen and listening was never better.

Give Dear Lions a listen because you will experience this out of body experience as well. An out of body experience that one can achieve without illegal substances! You can also get their free EP on their BandCamp.


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