Demi Lovato: “Body Say”

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I don’t know how I spent a year not knowing about this Demi Lovato song. Honestly, I have no clue where I was or how I missed the release of “Body Say” but I am definitely making up for lost time by playing the track on repeat. One night on YouTube, I found myself watching solely Demi Lovato music videos – from throwbacks like, “Made in the USA” and “Heart Attack,” to more recent songs like,”Cool for the Summer.” Towards the end, I clicked on the video for “Body Say” and was so pleasantly surprised to enjoy the song.

I remember when one of Demi’s more recent albums came out, my friend and I both gave it a listen and weren’t too interested in it. I quickly gave up on giving Demi’s new material a listen, even though I genuinely love and enjoy Unbroken and Demi. However, with finds like “Body Say” and “No Promises” (Demi’s collaboration with Cheat Codes), I will be sure to keep my eye out for future releases from Demi.

“If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away / Touch, make love, taste you / If my body told the truth, baby I would do / Just what I want to”

“Body Say” has a sultry vibe that is so smooth and catchy. When the chorus kicks in, I am so amped up to sing along. It’s obvious that the song is about sex but also, the track is just so damn sexy in and of itself. From the lyrics to the beat, “Body Say” gets everything right.

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