Dinosaur Bones: “Sleepsick”

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“Sleeping all day,
Hiding from the light outside.”
While listening to “Sleepsick”, the newest single from Toronto natives Dinosaur Bones, listeners will no doubt be having a double-take moment as nuances of The Strokes and Weezer waft out of the track and into eager ears. While the band’s previous single, “Spins In Circles”, takes on a more ballad-like demeanor with its deliberate lethargic pace and swirling guitars, “Sleepsick” takes on a new urgency as it builds to its commanding chorus, really showcasing Dinosaur Bones’ charismatic music.

Lead singer/guitarist Ben Fox’s fuzzy vocals will no doubt bring to mind the pioneer of singing too closely to the microphone, Julian Casablancas, though this comparison may be disparaging to the abilities of this band. Dinosaur Bones are creating shimmering indie-rock by way of their own creative vision, which we’ll be able to fully take in on their new record, Shaky Dream, due out on August 6th. “Sleepsick” is available as a free download via SoundCloud.

Dinosaur Bones is Ben Fox, Branko Scekic, Dave Wickland, Lucas Fredette, Josh Byrne.


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