A DiSanto Easter Weekend

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I don't get to see my friend Jackie very often so when we do see each other, we make sure it's for at least a weekend. I headed upstate for her birthday in April and spent Easter weekend with her family. It was a weekend of treating ourselves and we held nothing back in terms of food and drinks. We had the most delicious hibachi birthday dinner and at the end of the meal, the restaurant gifted Jackie with a balloon animal and photo. We also devoured cake batter ice cream with Fruity Pebbles waffle cones and had ourselves some late night Dunkin runs for coffee.

Easter was spent with Jackie's big Italian family, who I adore so very much. An Easter egg hunt was set up for the kids and I had my camera, Debbie, with me to capture all the adorable moments. Baby Cassano and his old man outfit was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love when babies and kids wear miniature adult clothing. For dinner, we sat down at Jackie's grandparents' long dinner table where I've enjoyed so many meals with the entire family. We had homemade ravioli, ham, sweet potatoes, and salad (much to the jealousy of my boyfriend who was getting plate by plate updates and was missing out).

In between servings, the family played with my Fujifilm Instax and were delighted to see the photos instantly develop. It's always so fun to use that camera around people who haven't seen a Polaroid camera in ages. Using the Instax never fails to stir up feelings of nostalgia and endless smiles. And having a tangible photo seems to be so rare these days in the digital age, so having those physical photos becomes truly special mementos. It was such a lovely weekend visiting my dear friend and I'm glad to have spent her birthday with her. In the midst of the every day chaos of graduate school, it is always so refreshing to get away and enjoy quality time with those you love most.

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