DIY Composition Notebooks

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It's the start of a new semester! You know what that means! Neeeewwww school supplies! Wahooooo.

Composition notebooks have always been my notebook of choice in college, partly because they're super affordable but mostly because they're so easy to decorate. This semester is my first semester of graduate school so I'll be needing at least two years' worth of notebooks. I get my notebooks at Target where they only cost .50 cents, so I can justify stocking up in a single trip. My scrapbook paper collection comes from buying scrapbook paper when it happens to be on clearance at Target and Michaels. (At Michaels, clearance scrapbook paper is .19 cents and then you can apply extra sales coupons on top!)

To make this DIY even simpler, all you'll need in addition to notebooks and paper is scissors and glue! (You'll probably have these lying around the house already.) I've had this one bottle of Elmer's Extra Strength Spray Adhesive for years now. It's probably lasted me for the entirety of my undergraduate career so its glue supply is definitely on point. You can also use other types of glue but I find the spray adhesive to be the easiest to use and quickest to dry. 

Since this semester started in January, it was way too cold for me to spray the scrapbook paper outside so I used a cardboard box and DIY-ed inside. I simply held the paper inside the cardboard box and sprayed enough of the paper in an estimation to what would fit the notebook. The box really helps to contain the glue spray so I highly recommend this method. I've laid out scrapbook paper on newspaper on the floor in the past and that turned out to be messy and a pain to clean up.

Afterwards, position the paper on your notebook and cut off the excess! Wallah! Bam! More exciting words! That's really all you need to do to DIY some cute composition notebooks. With notebooks like these, I happily display my school supplies all over my desk in class. Das right everybody, check out my cute notebooks.

Scrapbook paper
Elmer's Extra Strength Spray Adhesive
Composition Notebooks
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