DIY Jewelry Dishes

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I saw this DIY Tabby Cat Ring Holder while scrolling through Pinterest one night and fell in love. The next day, I found myself at Michaels buying safari animal toys and spray painting terra cotta plates outside in the freezing cold. The post just looked so cute and simple to make that I had to try it myself. I already had extra terra cotta plates because of my succulent collection and most of the materials needed to make these jewelry holders. All I had to buy was animal toys and I found them easily at Michaels. I wanted a giraffe and elephant specifically and so the safari pack of animals I found was perfect. It came in a pack and had more than enough for me to paint and some left overs for Sophia to play with later on. (Don't forget to use a 50% off Michaels coupon if you buy these!)

To start, I placed some clay saucers in a large cardboard box and spray painted them white. I used the cardboard box to contain the mess and sprayed the saucers outside so the fumes wouldn't stink up my house. This part did take a while because I could only spray parts of the saucers at a time, so this required some time. I would spray certain sections, go inside to do other work for a few minutes, and then go back outside to either spray more sections or add more layers of spray paint. I repeated this same process with the animal toys too.

After the clay saucers were dry, I sectioned them off with tape so I could paint part of them with acrylic paint. I went for a metallic look and used bronze, gold, and silver paints I already had in my crafting supplies. I used foam brushes and painted multiple layers to really make the color pop on the white background. I also used the same brushes to paint some of the ears and tails of the animals for a nice accent color.

After everything was dry, I peeled off the tape and used my hot glue gun to glue the animals onto the saucers. And that's it! All there was left to do at this point was simply choosing which jewelry pieces out of my very neglected jewelry collection to display in the jewelry dishes. I really love how chic these look while also knowing how affordable they are to make. These will surely be given as presents for friends and family in the near future!

Acrylic Paint
Krylon flat white spray paint
Ashland Clay Saucers
Hot glue gun, brushes, paint
Safari animal toys
Ashland Clay Saucers
Using tape to paint sections of the clay saucer.
Hot gluing animals onto the saucers.
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