DIY (Fake) Succulent Terrariums

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Plant terrariums have always looked so cute to me but as a loving plant mom, I could never put real plants inside something like a glass container because I see that as a plant death sentence. Glass boxes have no drainage holes (which are v important   for succulents!), restrict air flow, and can overheat the plants. Not only are they unethically sound for succulents, but they are also SOOO expensive. Have you seen the prices on these DIY terrarium kits? That's not something   I'll   splurge on because you know, I like spending my money on things like groceries and gas for my car. So instead of spending an arm and a leg on a terrarium kit that would eventually kill what's inside, I decided to DIY a considerably cheaper version!

See below for the supplies and keep scrolling for the steps.
(P.S. all the fake succulents and terrariums were 50% off from Michaels! Mine were $27 in total.)


Miniature Mushrooms
Fake Succulents
Shells & Rocks
Fake Succulents


First, I wiped down the glass terrariums with some disinfecting wipes to clean off any dirt or fingerprints. After that, I   layered rocks and soil inside the terrariums but the layering effect is optional.

I trimmed down the fake succulents and mini mushrooms with a scissor and placed those in the rocks. I placed mushrooms in sparingly for a pop of color but tried not to overdo it. I found it to look the best with a big focal point, like the colorful echeverias I used, and smaller plants as surrounding accents.

For added height and structure, I put seashells underneath the echeverias and other succulents to keep them at the angle I wanted them at. The seashells were also used as decoration of course.

And wallah! There you go, the easiest and probably cheapest way to make yourself some long-lasting and affordable succulent terrariums.

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