Driftless Pony Club @ Gramercy Theatre 04/26

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My signs for knowing if a show is off to a great start:

  • The acts start on time
  • I don’t get heckled for taking photos in the pit
  • Bert and Ernie jokes

Throughout the final night of Tour Because Awesome 2.0, it was evident that Driftless Pony Club were having a blast. Whether it was making appearances in other bands’ sets, watching from the sidelines during other performances, or in their own performance, joy was emanating off of the band. It was almost palpable as Driftless Pony Club played their songs live. “Legends of Archery” proved to be a set highlight as fans passionately sang along with the band and it ended in rapturous cheers. But the cheers and crowd’s fervor remained consistent throughout the entire performance. During “House of 1982, Built Like a Ship,” parents in the front row could be seen jumping as high as their children were while parents further back had their kids on their shoulders. There was a lot of fun to be had during Driftless Pony Club’s set and that’s no surprise when the band on stage is enjoying themselves just as much.

By the way, DCP nailed their Bert and Ernie ice cream joke. It was as perfectly delivered as the rest of their set.


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