Fall Out Boy & Panic At The Disco Mash Up

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For anyone who follows my Twitter, you may have seen my many tweets about Panic At The Disco as I was reminiscing on the good old days. I’d just watched Panic’s new music video for “Miss Jackson” and was blown away by: 1. How much the song sounded like Fall Out Boy’s current sound and 2. How freaking weird Brendon Urie looks now.

Butch Walker produced both the band’s tracks so that could be the reason why they sound so similar. But to really freak you out, listen to this mash up of “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” and “Miss Jackson” above. It’s super weird but I kind of like it. I love Save Rock and Roll and Fall Out Boy’s updated sound. However for Panic, I’m not really loving where they’re taking things musically. I adored 2011’s Vices & Virtues and I’m pretty sure I actually bought that album. We’ll see with Panic’s new material where they go musically and if it’s merely derivative of FOB.

Panic is also touring with Fall Out Boy in the fall so that’s going to be so funny to see. It’s like a second go at 2009’s Blink-182 tour where both FOB & PATD opened for Blink!


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