Fall Out Boy @ PNC Bank Arts Center 07/28/2014

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This past weekend I was in New Jersey visiting my friends whom I haven’t seen in almost two months. Since the three of us are all attending different universities now, the few times that we do get to catch up and reunion are that much sweeter. We actually bought these tickets months in advance and I almost ended up missing the concert altogether because my brother’s graduation was earlier that day. Luckily, I made it over to New Jersey in time for lunch with my best friends and we made it to the venue in a timely fashion.

I’m glad we got to the venue at the time that we did because the queue was already so long but worst of all, the parking lot was in the middle of nowhere! I don’t know what the hell is up with the PNC Bank Arts Center’s parking system but first of all, I don’t think teenagers should be in charge of whatever parking system this venue has in place. If you look like you can’t drive, I am not going to take directions from you. Secondly, I haven’t the faintest idea where we parked but it was not on pavement and we had to walk along the highway just to get to the venue. On the way home after the show, the amount of people walking to the disjointed parking lot area was like the Great Migration! At that time of night and in the middle of traffic, I will never understand how the person in charge of this set up can think that is safe.

“If you look like you can’t drive, I am not going to take directions from you.”

Safety concerns aside, the concert was amazing. It was a beautiful day and we had lawn seats so we plopped down on a spacious sheet on the grass. It was a pretty spectacular setting for some prime people watching. (I think we spotted 13 flower crowns!) New Politics opened the show and they were great as always. I think Saturday was my fourth time seeing them live so it was really great to be able relax to some familiar tunes.

Paramore were whatever. I don’t really know what my feelings are in regards to this band anymore. I enjoyed them back in middle school (especially when MTV was still playing music videos!). But now, I just kind of roll my eyes whenever I hear or read something about them. They kickstarted off their set with a lot of throwbacks which was really nice. I think they closed their set with “Ain’t It Fun” and it was actually really catchy and pleasant to sing along to. Sitting where we did on the lawn, by the time everyone decided to stand up, the only way we could see was from watching the projector screens on both sides of the stage. Maybe halfway through Paramore’s set, I was done with looking at Haley Williams’ face. While everyone else in the venue enjoyed Paramore, they’re just not my cup of tea anymore.

“I don’t think I will ever turn down a Fall Out Boy performance or ever not enjoy one either.” Fall Out Boy closed out the show and I’m really glad they did because their lighting set up could only be fully experienced in the dark. They had maybe six smaller screens set up behind them onstage which would all play different videos simultaneously. I appreciated the fact that the camera for the bigger projection screens wasn’t focused on just Patrick Stump the whole time. I enjoyed being able to watch all four members of the band perform. I don’t think I will ever turn down a Fall Out Boy performance or ever not enjoy one either. They’re amazing performers and their songs hit so close to home for me. I didn’t take too many photos or videos since the day was really about having a fun time with my friends but I managed to pull together some clips I took throughout the show in the video above.

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